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Thread Cutterz are perfect for Sewing, Quilting, Knitting, and Beading!

Thread Cutterz

It's sharp and can cut thread, wool, yarn, and floss! It is safe around children and pets and is allowed on a plane. You can wear it like a ring or wrap it where you need it.

What People are Saying

I adore this thing - I attached it to the metal side plate of my singer featherweight and it has improved my life SO much. It's a lot smaller than the pictures make it look and honestly it's kind of adorable. It's nice and sharp!

Amazon Verified Purchase, February 2019

I attached this to my sewing machine and it was a game changer for quick cuts while chain piecing!

Amazon Verified Purchase, October 2018

Easy to use and super convenient! I’m a crocheter and I just love this product. Ordered another one as a gift for my mother

Amazon Verified Purchase, October 2018

This is a great invention. It is so useful for my knitting, sewing, etc. Don't misplace it because it is on my finger. Works really well with all types of thread. It will also be handy to take with me on vacation or short trips when I don't want to take a bunch of equipment to do my projects.

Amazon Verified Purchase, March 2018

My wife absolutely adores this, and credits it to speeding her sewing by a ton! A nifty little gadget for those that adore getting crafty!

Amazon Verified Purchase, May 2017

Reduce Clutter & Save Time

Keep your work area neat and tidy by attaching your Thread Cutterz to your machine, work station, or most flat surfaces.

You'll wonder how you've ever gone without a Thread Cutterz! 

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