General FAQ

Thread Cutterz is a revolutionary solution to cutting thread, yarn, embroidery floss, and the like. It was originally designed as a safer, and better, way to cut fishing line. You can read more about the history of Thread Cutterz here.


Thread Cutterz may be the safest thread cutting solution in the industry. The patented, recessed, fixed-blade design of Thread Cutterz makes it virtually impossible to accidentally cut yourself. There are no sharp points or open blades to worry about.


The Thread Cutterz ring is perfectly safe for air travel. The recessed blade does not pose any risk of harm.

Rings FAQ

The Thread Cutterz ring uses an adjustable velcro strap that will fit most finger sizes, from children to adults. The strap can be tightened or loosened to whatever is most comfortable.


The Thread Cutterz ring can be strapped around sewing machine handles, bag straps, or thread spools. You can put it anywhere that it will fit and still be easily accessible. We have also expanded our Thread Cutterz line to include several other form factors besides the original Thread Cutterz ring.

  • The Thread Cutterz Peel n' Stick includes a 3M adhesive that allows for adhesion to any flat, clean surface (sewing machines, desks/counters, hard cases, etc...)
  • The Thread Cutterz Zipper Pull features a mounting eyelet and comes with a split ring for easy attachment. It can be attached to key rings, lanyards, zippers, etc...

Peel n' Stick FAQ

The Thread Cutterz Peel n' Stick comes with 3M adhesive pre-attached. It is suitable for adhesion to most clean flat surfaces. It is recommended that you clean any surface that you plan to adhere the Thread Cutterz to with alcohol to achieve the best hold. The base of the Thread Cutterz Peel n' Stick is flat, so the adhesive will not be able to contact the surface fully if it is not also mostly flat.

Where can I stick Thread Cutterz?

The adhesive that we use for the Thread Cutterz Peel n' Stick is meant to be easily removable from solid non-porous surfaces. The easiest way to remove the Thread Cutterz Peel n' Stick is by firmly grabbing the Peel n' Stick cutter and twisting it. If any adhesive residue remains on the surface, it can be rolled off by rubbing it with your finger.

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